2nd year students of the Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics gave popular science lectures in English. 

It is almost the end of the semester. The Students of the 2 year of the Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty prepared their popular science lectures in English. At the preparatory stage, the students themselves chose the themes for their future lectures. Then, they studied and accumulated material via working with authentic English MOOCs. At the next stage, the students studied methods for structuring large amounts of information and planning speech in the foreign language. The slides development in English, elaboration of tasks and questions for listeners, as well as fluent speaking “without a cheat sheet” were the essential conditions for lecture presentations.

As part of the final stage, the 2nd year students of the MMF presented their lectures in English:
pictures EL lectures 3.jpg

All speakers demonstrated the ability to analyze a large quantity of information in English, the ability to present clearly and structurally popular scientific information in English, speak in front of the audience and answer the questions in ease.

The organizer of the event is Tatyana Borisovna Rumyantseva, senior lecturer of the Department of English in science communication. 

The Faculty of Foreign Languages wishes the students further success !